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Why We Love Web Design (And Why You Should, Too!)


Digital consumers share needs that motivate them when they search for information about a person, company, organization, cause, product, or service. They turn to Google and type in the name of what interests them and then select the website or websites that will give them the most helpful information. If your company has the right web design, there is a good chance that it will pop up at the top of the search engine results list. If your website’s pages aren’t properly formatted with meta tags, then your company could appear lower in the list. We love web design because it can help companies achieve the page ranking they want as well as provide customers and prospects with a specific brand experience. While a website may not provide the same experience that customers get when visiting your physical location, they can at least learn more about what you offer.

5 Reasons We Love Web Design

We are all about bringing digital consumers closer to the brands they love through effective web design. However, what businesses consider to be the highest level of web design that truly resonates with audiences has evolved over the years. In the past, websites were more static. Once you crafted a good navigational scheme and filled the pages with content, you would just have to make minor updates. Today, websites can change form or layout according to a user’s preferences, and they need frequent content updates. Companies that don’t update their websites tend to lose the interest of site visitors because their information is outdated. Here are 5 reasons why we love web design:


  1. Web design helps point users to the information they need with a minimum number of clicks. If it’s done well, visitors know what to do when they see the home page. If they want to find the contact information of a company, for example, they go to the “Contact Us” page.


  1. Web design attracts users with good colors, pictures, sounds, videos, and blocks of text. When people view, read, or listen to the featured content on a website, they feel like they know more about the organization that owns it. They may also decide to contact the company online, via email, via telephone, or by stopping in because the website serves as a digital billboard for consumers.


  1. Web design promises that users will be able to access information whenever they need it. They can bookmark specific pages and subscribe to alerts and special features on the website, which makes them feel closer to the brand.


  1. Web design has the potential to open up new markets for a business. For example, a website that sells home goods could develop another side of the business and market apparel to its existing customer base. It’s just a matter of using the existing website to generate interest in the new product line.


  1. Web design promises to evolve to become a more 3D interactive experience for users. While they may arrive on a home page, they may quickly click to begin experiences such as virtual worlds or games that help them explore the brand.


Ignoring the need for updating your company’s web design is not something that you can afford to do for long. If weeks or months go by before you take the time to update your website content, many of your existing customers could stop visiting the site. They may never tell you about their decision or indicate that anything is wrong with your site. However, they may try another website and shift their business to that company because that secondary website has more digital content available to inform their purchasing decisions.

Try New Designs on for Size

We know that, if you took the time to read this piece, you could get more excited about web design. The key is to partner with an agency and obtain a prototype version of your new website. Once you see how it looks in the early design phase, you can better communicate the additional features you want on your site. Then, it’s a matter of waiting for the testing phase to be completed before taking the site live and serving customers with a new virtual experience.

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