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How To Hone Your Message with Social Media Marketing


Social media is such an incredible tool. It gives so many people the opportunity to build a platform and get a message to the world. To make things even cooler, you can do it from the comfort of your own home with a computer and a good WiFi connection. Whether you’re a motivational speaker, dentist or dancer, you can use your platform to share a message and teach others. In order to be effective, you’ve got to be clear and concise with your message. Furthermore, there are a few tips to include in your social media marketing strategy.

1. Use the live broadcast feature.

Whether you choose to use Instagram, YouTube or Facebook, it’s a good idea to go live on a consistent basis. Use the live broadcast feature in order to connect with your followers. Take a look at all of the podcasts that continue to launch. People love listening to content. Even more, people love watching content. Try to keep your live videos succinct. Before each broadcast, write down a few notes and know the direction you’re going in. You don’t want to get sidetracked or lose your train of thought. Within 30 minutes, deliver tons of valuable content. Go live on a consistent basis to gain momentum and gain a solid audience of people. Acknowledge them as they come onto the broadcast and always remain professional. The algorithms of many social media platforms tend to favor the accounts that use the live stream feature regularly.

2. Write blog posts.

There’s something valuable about writing content. Write blog posts and use search engine optimization in order for your audience to find you. As long as you’re sharing good content on a consistent basis, Google will eventually recognize your website as an authority on the topic. Granted, the internet is saturated with content. However, don’t let that stop you from sharing your message. Your blog posts don’t need to go on for pages and pages. As long as each blog post is at least 400 words in length, it’ll have a good chance of being recognized by the search engines.

3. Develop an editorial calendar.

Within your editorial calendar, it’s important to examine when’s the best time to share. You don’t have to share content on a daily basis to remain relevant. All you really need to do is test the waters and figure out when your followers are online the most. You don’t want to launch content to an empty room so take a look at analytics to measure the data. If you’re a child photographer, chances are you won’t want to post pictures around 8 p.m. This is the time when many parents are getting their children ready for bed. Around 9 p.m., you might have much better luck as the parents log on to Facebook and Instagram to unwind from the day.

Use these tips as a part of your foundation when you’re honing in on your message. Make sure that your message is consistent and concise. You might not gain a ton of followers in the first year. It might be a slow build, but hang in there. The more you hone in on your message, the specific it’ll become. As it becomes more specific, you’ll be speaking to a specific niche of people and you’ll find your target audience.

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